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Apr. 11th, 2007

so week so far has been sucky as hell. but i must say, h turned that around a bit when he accidently poured water down my shirt. i couldnt get mad, bc he honestly did it by accident. and then i got a funny picture on my phone that he took of himself and put as a wallpaper, which now scares me everytime i open my phone. ooh and of course not to meantion mikey and alex helping with me not killing people :) those 3 people are probably the only people who have made me honestly smile or laugh this week.

so that paragraph was put together in a messy manner and i dont feel like trying to make a true coherant statement. so deal. and now im gunna do a little meme bc i feel like it.

Soundtrack to my life:

Opening Credits: Enterlude- The Killers

Waking Up: Why Do I Keep Counting- The Killers

First Day of School: 6th Avenue Heartache- Wallflowers

Falling In Love: Out from Under- Incubus

Fight Song: All My Life- KC & JoJo

Breaking Up: What You Own- RENT

Prom: We Might As Well Be Strangers- Keane

Life's Okay: Glycerine- Bush

Mental Breakdown: Straight Jacket Feeling- AAR

Driving: Lenny/Man On The Side- John Mayer

Flashback: I Am A Building- Wallflowers

Getting Back Together: How Sweet It Is- Michael Buble

Birth of a Child: So Says I- The Shins

Final Battle: Tears and Rain- James Blunt

Death Scene: I Met A Girl- Wheat

Funeral Song: LA Song- John Mayer

Ending Credits: My List- The Killers (i obviously have too much of them on my ipod)

And heres just a yearly thing i do...

I live my days with the nights that we spent
All the love we shared
I put my heart on the side for a while
Knowing you're not there
I tried to carry on
To face the fact you're gone
But I need you
So I close my eyes
I close my eyes
And I dream about you
I close my eyes
I can almost feel you in my arms again
Morning remind me of showers and talks
In the soft sunlight
Evenings of passion and cries of joy
Hold your memory tight
You've been away so long
I sing so many songs about you
I just close my eyes
When I close my eyes I'm a kid again
I can think about the time we became just friends
Playing in the park didn't have a care
Then you smiled at me and I knew right there
I would hold your hand, it would be the start
Of a promise that no other lover'd steal my heart
Now the pain of losing you I just can't erase
But when I close my eyes it's a better place
No one really sees
You watching over me
And I hope you feel me watching over you
And when you go to sleep
I pray the Lord to keep
You in my dreams
When I close my eyes

they say that time heals the heart, well i think that time makes the heart break more.

Apr. 5th, 2007

fuck you scrubs! thats right i just said fuck you to one of my favorite shows. why must it be able to convey such strong emotions during the crappiest part of the year?? it gave me that achy, breaking heart feeling...and i did not mean for that to sound like billy ray cyrus was about to sing lol. but really, it hurts. sigh.

but other than that today was a good day, and i mean good. big smile! bc honestly, its the simple things in life that make me happy, whether or not you believe me is your own problem.

i have so much to do tomorrow and saturday. but i would really enjoy fitting in 300 tomorrow night. looks like i might have to make a phone call, and nooo not to hbos. although my day did feel a little less sarcastic without him around today.

ok thats enough. happy easter and passover to everyone!!!

Apr. 2nd, 2007

thought i would just meantion that its christopher meloni's 46th bday...and he is one hot man for 46.

also there is a shot called the fucked up greek...that is just too great. but its sad when my mom started cracking up when she saw it. some how she has even caught the hbos fever, wehre anything that is greek leads to hbos. i think we all need serious intervention.

mikey got me good with an april fools joke last night. he only got me bc it was a very feasable story.

ok. its time for bed.

hmm anyone wanna go out for a drink thursday night? no fieldwork friday thanks to good friday so im thinking why not actually go out for once. maybe a martini at tisane...come on, you know you want to.
i'm an auntie once again to a baby girl. she was born yesterday morning at 9:25 and weighed 8lbs 13oz and is 20 inches long. after hours of not being named jen and jim finally decided on morgan ashley. im not a fan of her name, but then again shes not my child. and if she was her name would have been isabella rose or peyton starr/rose.

spring is in the air. it is GORGEOUS out!! love it!

i LOVE christopher meloni

i dont know if this actually ever appeared on the show, oz that is, but its hilarious!!

and here, laugh some more...

and this one is just cute oz man love...

and now i REALLY need to get off youtube and go to bed. i need to own the seasons of svu and oz. and i may have an unhealthy obsession with chris meloni.
so last night, well this morning, i had an intersting dream. i was at my grandparents house because i had to bring my grandmother to the bank. ok so it seems all fine and normal, and then my grandfather walks in, the one that died 2 weeks ago. my cousin charlie was there and so were the neighbors who i hate. poppop looked a little pale and i remember saying "i still cant believe the hospital messed up like that". see poppop didnt die, he was actually in a coma. but social secrurity had already been notified that there was a death certificate before he came to. i dont know how much my dream telling is making sense but im not really in the writting mentallity right now so my writing fucking blows. anywhoo my dream then ended bc my mom woke me up bc i did in fact have to bring my grandmother to the bank.  i didnt dare speak of a word about my dream to my grandmother. she would take it as some sign and thats the last thing she needs. she keeps his bedroom (yes they didnt share a room dont ask, i dont know) light on all night in hopes that he will come back. i wish i could say that the though of him coming back is insane but i can admit that sometimes i feel the same way about dad, its like you just sit and hope that one day when the door opens its him. but thats enough of me being crazy, ive already been labeled racist this week i dont need insane as well.

yea i dont feel like getting into it, but yes i, along with the rest of the eboard and commuter lounge, was called a racist yesterday. its a long ridiculous story. and teh fact that alex and i took most of the blunt force name calling, should make you laugh. the 2 most none racist people in the lounge, possibly even the world, had to hear it. sigh. but thats enough about that. i dont want to get myself all frustrated again.

thats all for now, im gunna get back to watching law and order. yum jesse l martin.
so...one dude on american idol sang john mayer and KILLED it. i mean he took it out in the back and slaughtered it to death. i almost cried, actually i think died. and THEN to make things worse andother guy sang keith urban and butchered it to hell as well. 2 really good songs by my 2 favorite artists were killed, slaughtered, murdered. they might as well just take a muse, shins, killers, or death cab song and finish me off.

oh snap...hugh laurie is apparently an accomplished writer. i think i need to go buy me some hugh laurie books. if im lucky he'll be like steve martin and be an amazing writer.

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Feb. 26th, 2007

let me just reiterate how much i love harry connick jr. I LOVE HARRY CONNICK JR. ok. now that thats done.

every ounce of energy has been drained from me today due to so many things. how im still awake i dont know.

im still coughing up a lung.

i hate my grandmothers neighbors.

i think i have come to realize that im actually not dealing with my grandfathers death and that what everyone is taking as maturity may actually be denial of some sort. or maybe it is maturity, im just not used to reacting to tragedy in such a way.

i just want a hug. yup thats what i want a need, a hug. i have been hugged many a times in the past week, but theres just one hug that im missing. its the kind of hug i would get from my ralphy or even justin. i know someone who could possibly fill their shoes, but im not one to ask for a hug. maybe i should become this person.

oh also, i love peter wentz of fall out boy, its official.

eyes shutting.

good night.
theres nothing like having no voice. i cant wiat to go to school tomorrow and be taunted. but really, i honestly cant wait to go to school tomorrow hehe. oh and i hope my reenbersement check is finally in bc i need to buy me some HCJ concert tickets! and then i will have to find someone to go with me...hmm...

last night was a lot of fun. i probably shouldnt have gone since well i have a cold which is why i have no voice, but whatever, its worth not being able to speak without being in pain. i love lauren she is the best! and its always fun to hang out with mr.jonathan. and of course i love hanging out with my wife, who although she doesnt like talking about her personal life likes to bring up mine, which makes me laugh and i know its only bc shes happy for me but still, its a funny concept if you know her. plus it was with people who i would talk to about stuff anyways. oh and miss stacy (school stacy) is hilarious. but lia, well she knows how to bring down a convo but oh well. all in all it was fun going out to the bar whith 3 people i spend too much time with and 2 who i dont see very often (even if one of them goes to school 5 mintues away).

just watched the science of sleep, wow what a mind fuck. a good mind fuck, but a mind fuck none-the-less. i cant quite describe it. but rent it and watch it.

oh well tea time and maybe some laundry too.